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What is Quantico Questions?

We believe that business leaders should have access to the information they need to make decisions.  Unfortunately today’s leaders are left to grapple with an increasingly uncertain tax and legal environment.

Each of the modules below uses conditional logic to provide your specific answer to a complex question.  Each module has been designed and ratified by an expert in the relevant.

Although we’ve done everything possible to ensure that the information provided in these modules is up to date and correct please take a look at our terms and conditions before starting an assessment.

Is my business eligible for R&D tax credits?

Find out whether the work you are doing is eligible for research and development tax credits , understand the key dates and deadlines and receive practical recommendations on the next steps.

What accounting system is right for my business?

Unsure of what accounting software to use?  This module cuts through the jargon and provides a response tailored to you and your business.

Is my business eligible for EIS or SEIS?

Find out whether your business could stand to benefit from incentives under the enterprise investment schemes.

Are you an accountant or lawyer who would like to use Quantico Questions in your practice?  Do you have ideas for new questions for us to answer?

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