A solution that’s unique for your business

Save 10+ hours a month with Quantico Analytics

All implementation and support included.

Free KPI workshop included in all reporting plans.

Free 30 day money back guarantee.

Business dashboard

All of your data in one place and up to date

Choose from a selection of pre-built and custom visualisations

Custom alerts by email

Unlimited data integrations with any of our partners.

£50 per month

Solution template

Choose from one of:

Website monitoring and conversion

Customer behaviour and segmentation

Cashflow management

Demand forecasting


£60 per month

Most popular

Bespoke report

Initial KPI workshop.

Unlimited data integrations with any of our partners.

Additional custom data integrations priced according to complexity.

3 user accounts.

Fully interactive.

Multiple page reporting.

From £250 per month

Enterprise plan

Unlimited integrations with any data source.

Unlimited user accounts.

Custom themes and CSS.

Custom domains.

Full interactive.

Full customisation.

From £1,000 per month

Optional add-ons

Additional user account

Create an additional user account and assign which reports they should have access to and what changes they can make.

£50 per month

Finance Director support

One of our chartered accountants and business advisers will meet with you once a month to help you evaluate your performance against the key performance indicators measured in your Quantico reports.

£350 per month

Custom subdomain

Customise the domain where you and your sub-users access your Quantico reports. Includes an individual SSL certificate for added security.

£50 per month


Get in touch or check out the FAQs below.


What is the difference between a report and a dashboard?

Both dashboards and reports show data from your different data sources and refresh them frequently.  Reports are interactive applications which can be filtered dynamically to enable you to interrogate your data on the fly.  Dashboards, on the other hand, are restricted to one static view.  Furthermore reports can be expanded to contain multiple tabs or sheets, whereas a dashboard is restricted to one screen.

What data sources can you connect to?

We have established connectors with all of the partners listed here which enable us to connect your data very quickly once you have provided login details.  We’re adding to this list all the time, but in the meantime we are able to connect to virtually any other system using APIs.  Contact us to find out more.  

Do you have a partner discount?

We often work with third parties and we love making their lives easier.  There are two main options for partners.  Please get in touch to set up a meeting and we can talk through the options.

Do I need to sign up to a contract?

All of our plans can be cancelled at any time after any minimum spend has elapsed.  The minimum spend enables us to recoup a portion of our implementation fees and is typically equal to three months of billing.

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