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Better results with data

The proliferation of cloud software means that the average small business collects more data than ever before.  For those who know how to use it this represents a huge opportunity.  Data can be used to predict future events, to understand customer behaviours and to create business dashboards that both measure and improve performance.

However, cloud-based data is not easy to use and access.  It is stored in a lot of different places and in varying formats.

Business owners and managers need a solution that can bring all their data together and present it in a meaningful format.

The solution

To address this problem, Quantico implements tailor-made business dashboards that show the information that matters most.

To succeed in business its imperative that you focus on what’s important.  That’s why we help our clients identify and visualise their own unique key performance indicators rather than simply showing whatever is easiest to show.  We start with the questions and we work back to find the answers in the data available.

Our software

Our market leading software connects to anything from cloud-based applications and SQL databases all the way to text files and handwritten notes.

Custom alerts and online visualisations mean that you will always be up to date, no matter where you are.

How it works

Our business dashboards are available on a subscription basis.  We provide all the setup and support so that you can focus on enjoying the results.

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