Beautiful data for business

We help companies make better decisions using data.

How can we help

The Quantico service combines big data expertise with access to market leading data visualisation software.  Our solution templates are targeted to specific business challenges and are available on a subscription basis.

Business dashboards

All your data in one place, updated in real time

Web monitoring

Track user navigation through your website and increase conversions

Customer behaviour

Understand your different customers groups and what they really want

Cashflow management

Use historic information to predict future cashflows

Demand forecasting

Predict and forecast seasonal variations in your business

Custom alerts

Get proactive notifications before issues arise

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Our big data platform takes the uncertainty out of doing business

Always up to date

No more spreadsheets:  Our reporting application brings all of your data from your different software providers into one central location and updates it on the fly.  For the first time you can get a complete view of the performance of your business without having to painstakingly compare data from different sources in different formats.  

Bespoke to you

Unlike other providers we don’t limit you to pre-built ‘widgets’ that aren’t relevant to your business.  Instead we help you to identify the key performance indicators that are most relevant to your organisation, then we work with the data available to create the best reporting possible.

No extra work

We understand that because you’re busy growing your business, you don’t have the time to learn how to set up a complex data analysis environment from scratch.  That’s why we do all of the heavy lifting behind the scenes leaving you with bespoke reports that are intuitive and easy to use.  All of our reports are fully interactive so that you can explore your own data at your leisure.  

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Why we’re different

We know what its like to grow a small business, in fact we’re doing it right now!  We know what you’re going through and we can’t wait to help.

Data is beautiful

We know from experience how hard it can be to make rational decisions when your own money is on the line. The right data answering the right questions means clarity and peace of mind.

The best service at the best price

We left a big 4 accounting practice so that we could work with startups and fast growing SMEs. We’re not going to sell out to the corporates. We’re here to help the people putting their own money on the line.

This time its personal

‘It’s just business’ is our most hated phrase. We only work with ambitious organisations that share our values. When we’re committed to you we don’t do anything by half measures.

We run on the same software you do

We’ve partnered with some of the best software companies in the business to create a product that makes your life easier.  And we’re adding more all the time.

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